1. Parking Lot Rams on Flickr.

    Logan Pass, Glacier National Park, July 2014.

    This Bighorn Ram looks friendly, but I honestly crept too close with a 16-35mm to get this shot (cropped only slightly to get rid of a distracting red SUV in the right side background). When we first arrive, a couple of the rams were butting heads, so I kept a short kneewall between myself and this ram. I’m sure it would have done no good, though.

  2. It’s OK to Look Back Sometimes on Flickr.

    Loop Trail, Glacier National Park, July 2014.

    There was a clearing that meandered toward a perfect spot to look back at the peak we descended a couple hours prior. The cool wind blowing while looking back was refreshing, just enough to recharge us for the treeless hike through the Burned Forest.

  3. Alpine Survivors on Flickr.

    These flowers were growing along the Continental Divide about 8,000 feet above sea level. There was a gusty wind blowing, and I was amazed that the flower petals weren’t ripped off. My eyes were tearing from the chilling wind, but I managed to get a couple nice shots to remember the perseverance of these Alpine Survivors.

  4. On The Continental Divide on Flickr.

    Glacier National Park, Grinnell Glacier Overlook, July 2014.

    This was one of the toughest hikes I’ve done starting from the Loop Trail parking lot and going vertical for 3,500 feet. There are goat trails that lead to the summit from the saddle, but we were out of time this day. It was invigorating sitting on the Continental Divide looking at Grinnell Glacier. I invite you to do this hike soon, before the glacier melts!

  5. Towering Timbers on Flickr.

    Many Glacier Hotel, Glacier National Park, July 2014. This is a great place to just sit and relax. The food in the main dining room is also excellent.

  6. Foot Bath on Flickr.

    July 2014, Glacier National Park, Grinnell Glacier Trail. The water was so clear and inviting, you just had to refresh yourself in the cool, crisp water.

  7. Smoky Sunset on Flickr.

    2014 Browning, Montana - Looking west toward Glacier Park. The smoke from fires in Canada and the West Coast started rolling in this night. The next few days were very hazy.

  8. Leap of Faith on Flickr.

    Glacier National Park, July 2014, Iceberg Lake Trail. She made it back safely, and dry.

  9. Subalpine Soldier on Flickr.

    Glacier National Park, July 2014, Grinnell Glacier Trail. This lone subalpine fir tree keeps fighting death and decay. Maybe it’ll still be there when I revisit it 30 years from now.

  10. Trail Break on Flickr.

    Glacier National Park, July 2014. Salamander Glacier is near the upper right and a portion of Grinnell Glacier is visible in the center. Angel Wing peak is on the left, and Grinnell Glacier Lake is at the bottom left (formed from glacier meltwater). The Grinnell Glacier Trail is also a nice hike, but I couldn’t get to the end of the trail due to snowfields that were melting rapidly.

  11. Uncovered Depression

    During one of my structural inspections today, I found this folded note on the windowsill under the blinds of a vacant apartment bedroom. I hope this person has found some peace and happiness by now.

    The name written in the corners comes up as a local man that has been in and out of the criminal justice system, including domestic violence.

  12. Refreshing Meltwater on Flickr.

    Glacier National Park, July 2014, Iceberg Lake Trail. There are tons of these meltwater streams/falls in GNP, and I was tempted to take a drink. Having experienced bacterial war in the past, though, I kept to carefully washing my face only.

  13. Iceberg Lake on Flickr.

    Glacier National Park, July 2014. Here’s the payoff at the end of the Iceberg Lake Trail in Many Glacier. This is a great hike that I definitely recommend.

  14. DSLR Selfies - GNP 2014

    While completely awkward, I enjoy taking travel selfies with a full frame DSLR equipped with a wide angle zoom lens (16-35 mm). Other hikers offer to take our photo, but I turn them down with a smile. I’m sure they find it amusing.

  15. Under the Snowfields on Flickr.

    July 2014 Glacier National Park, Iceberg Lake Trail. One of the first snowfields I encountered on this trail. It’s a great trail to hike.